First Step

Let the following serve as your WARNING: I am not a professional!

Your very First Step should definitely be: Seek professional help!

Go to a regular doctor first! Tell her or him your symptoms and how long you have felt this way. There are tests to be run before he or she can rule out any physical problems such as low or high thyroid, anemia and much, much more. If one of those is found, take care of it and you may (with a lot of good luck) find yourself feeling a ton better.

However, you will probably need to find a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. The first can prescribes medicines for you. The second should teach you all about Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which will help you learn new “self-talk” (more about this later). The bad news is it often takes several tries before you find a psychiatrist who is willing to do what is best for YOU and not her or his checkbook [or the company’s “bottom line”].

Why do you need to see a professional? Because I’m a big, complicated, confusing mess! I suffer from ADD/ADHD (“space cadet” variety), Major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety. I’m also a Highly Sensitive Person that sometimes doesn’t know why I feel sad, angry, anxious and/or overwhelmed.

Most people I talk to tell me to write or blog about one –maybe two [if I combine MDD and Anxiety] — of those conditions; definitely not all of them. But, I say, Why not? They are all part of me and I’m one person!

So, watch out! I will switch subjects; I will talk about what most people consider different subjects; and I most likely will repeat myself a few times.